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Chipata, which was known as Fort Jameson in pre-independence days, was the administrative capital of Northeastern Rhodesia from 1899 to 1911. 

The town is now a busy, trading centre and as a result of its history, has an interesting “old quarter”.  The airport is located approximately 6km out of town to the west.  It has no landing lights, so is a day use only strip. The nearest hotel to the airport is Katuta Lodge, but Mama Rula’s is also relatively nearby.  National Airports: Tel: 221368

There are many small Indian shops as well as the large supermarket chain Shoprite Checkers, numerous banks and fuel available. Extended lunch hours from about 12:00 to 14:00 are observed in this town.  Thieves used to be very bad, so do be sensible about your belongings.

Another place to stay is Sunnyside Farm campsite, 14km east of town on the Malawi road (continue past Shoprite).

Border post
Chipata is the main route to Malawi.  The border post is east of town, heading out past Shoprite.  There is a long stretch of no-mans land in between the Zambian and Malawi border posts, although the two governments have recently come to an agreement over the border and will no doubt be relocating the posts.  It is important to have a yellow fever certificate if you are traveling to or from the north.

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