Mosi oa Tunya National Park

... some information about Mosi oa Tunya National Park

The 6,500ha Park extends around the falls and along the Zambezi River and is an Important Bird Area (Refer to Section 12.0.0).  A small fenced off section, known as the Game Park, is the home to white rhinos which have been introduced and do not occur naturally in Zambia.  Within the park is an area called the Old Drift – this is where the pioneers first settled and ferried their goods across the Zambezi before the bridge was built.  There is also an old graveyard here.

The habitat is a mixture of riverine vegetation, dry mixed woodland and mopane. The game which may be seen in the park include zebra, bushbuck, waterbuck, hippo, impala, giraffe, elephant, kudu, common duiker, warthog and buffalo. The elephant visit at will, swimming out onto the islands and across to Zimbabwe, which is a spectacular sight.  The greatest number of elephant are seen in the park during the dry season from July to November.

Best Time of Year to Visit

April/May: The rains have ended although there may still be potential storms still around. Warm/hot but temperatures are starting to cool down.

June/July: This is “mid winter” and can be very cold in the early morning and evening. During the day the temperatures are cool/warm. The bush is drying out.

August: Cool to hot with the bush now dry.

September: Hot, dry and hazy. Trees flower and many lose their leaves.

October: Very dry and hot.  Storm clouds start building up and there may be occasional rain which cools the temperatures down and clears the air.

November: Hot and slightly humid. There may be short afternoon storms

December – March: Hot, lush, green and beautiful. 

February to May: The Victoria falls are at their highest and most spectacular

April – Mid June: Livingstone Island is closed, river levels dependent

Month Avg.
January 30.0° C 19.0° C 17.00 cm
February 30.0° C 19.0° C 14.00 cm
March 30.0° C 18.0° C 8.00 cm
April 30.0° C 15.0° C 2.00 cm
May 28.0° C 10.0° C 1.00 cm
June 26.0° C 7.0° C 0.00 cm
July 26.0° C 6.0° C 0.00 cm
August 28.0° C 9.0° C 0.00 cm
September 33.0° C 14.0° C 0.00 cm
October 34.0° C 18.0° C 2.00 cm
November 33.0° C 19.0° C 7.00 cm
December 30.0° C 19.0° C 17.00 cm

Activities available

  • Adrenaline – Abseiling
  • Bunji Jumping
  • Gorge Swing
  • High Wiring/Flying Fox
  • Jet Boat Ride
  • River Boarding
  • White Water rafting
  • Birding
  • Canoeing
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Elephant back rides
  • Fishing
  • Flying ..... - .................. Helicopter
  • Microlight
  • Tigermoth
  • Game Viewing - Mosi Oa Tunya N.P.
  • Chobe National Park
  • Golf (Zimbabwe)
  • Horse Riding
  • Kayaking – tandem
  • Livingstone Island – lunch or visit
  • Museum visits – Livingstone museum
  • Railway museum
  • Off road bicycle hire
  • Quad Bike Rides
  • River Cruise – African Queen
  • MV Makumbi
  • Zambezi River Safaris
  • Self Drive   –............... Car and 4 x 4 hire
  • Scooter hire
  • Victoria Falls 

Tours – Livingstone town (historical)

  • Maramba Market
  • Chief Mukuni’s Village
  • Other villages and schools

Victoria Falls 

Details of the above Activities offered can be found in the information packs supplied by the numerous adventure companies.


Wildlife can, and does, roam freely in the area.  Guests should take the utmost care when walking about their lodge.  Should a guest come across game they should not approach the animal.  Elephants in particular can move very fast and can be very dangerous – they are scared of humans and can react suddenly without warning.  If an elephant happens to feel threatened and kill a human who has got too close, the scouts will then be directed to automatically shoot the elephant.  Please don’t give them reason to have to do this.


Credit cards are becoming more widely accepted, however not in remote areas and should not be relied on except in major towns. Lodges that do accept credit cards will charge a commission varying from between 5 – 7% on both credit cards and travellers cheques in order to cover the bank charge commission.

Cash: US dollars are easier to change than sterling. Smaller denominations of bills are recommended. USD notes should be recent with "large heads". Old notes with "smaller heads" (except One Dollar Bills) are not accepted ANYWHERE in Zambia.

Victoria Falls Entrance Fee

  • Entrance fees to the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site are at present
  • USD10:00 per person (internationals)
  • ZK6120 per person (Zambian nationals and permit holders)

Health and Insurance

Clients are advised to have comprehensive travel insurance (including Trip Cancellation/ Curtailment and Medical Evacuation & Hospitalisation.

Malaria – Zambia is a high risk malaria area and protection from malaria is imperative. Guests are strongly recommended to take malaria prophylactics and are advised to adhere strictly to the dosages, especially for the four to six weeks after their stay in Africa. Guests are further advised to use mosquito repellent and wear long clothing in the evenings an d sleep under a mosquito net at night. 

If you come down with flu-like symptoms either during, or within four to six weeks after your visit to a malaria area, seek a doctor’s advice immediately. Tetanus and the hepatitis vaccinations are recommended.

What to bring on your trip

Lightweight casual clothes can be worn all year round, with a jacket or jersey for early winter mornings and evenings.  Smarter evening clothes are advisable for guests staying at lodges should they wish to be more formal for dinner. 

For white water rafting, shoes which are suitable for rock climbing but which can get wet and can be strapped securely to the foot are essential.

For Safari activities casual, comfortable, lightweight clothing in khaki, brown, green and beige colours. Pale or bright colours are not advisable for walking safaris as the animals can easily see these shades. (Shorts or trousers are best for walking safaris)

• Light cotton tops and cotton trousers
• Shirts with long sleeves (even in summer; to protect from the sun and mosquitoes)
• Shorts or a light skirt
• Jeans or safari trousers for evenings and cooler days
• Sweater or warm jacket (game drives in open vehicles can be very cold in winter)
• Comfortable walking shoes/boots – suitable shoes for rafting if appropriate
• Sun block, sunglasses and hat
• Swimsuit if your lodge has a pool
• Light, compact raincoat during the rainy months
• Insect repellent, anti-histamine cream, personal toiletries and medication
• Binoculars (Each person should have their own pair of binoculars)

Camera equipment

  • a telephoto lens (200/300mm).
  • Flash and fast film (400 ASA) for night photography.
  • Lots of film (64,100,200,400 ASA).
  • Camera cleaning equipment and a good dust proof bag.
  • Videos - bring spare batteries.

If you wear prescription glasses – bring a spare pair.  For contact lens wearers bring a spare pair of glasses as the dust and insects in the open vehicles can be a Problem. 

Getting there by Air

Commercial flights operate to:

  • Livingstone International Airport located approx. 5 minutes drive from Livingstone
  • Victoria Falls Airport (Zimbabwe) approx. 45 mins – 1 hour road transfer to Livingstone
  • Kasane Airport (Botswana) approx. 1 ½ hours transfer from Livingstone by boat/road
  • Charter flights

If guest are traveling by charter flight from elsewhere in Zambia the following should be noted:

Restrictions - luggage is restricted to 12kg in soft suitcases.

Meet and Greet - Both Proflight and Airwaves are able to meet and greet clients from international flights and assist them onto their charter flight to Livingstone.

Some lodges in the Livingstone area have helipads allowing helicopter transfers. 

Getting there by Road

Livingstone is approximately 5 hours drive from Lusaka on good tar road. Head south from Lusaka for 55km (about 1 hour drive). After you have crossed the Kafue Bridge and several road blocks, turn right towards Livingstone.  Continue straight for 470km (about 4 ½ hours drive).

Road Borders

Victoria Falls border closes at 20h00. All other border posts operate between 06h00 - 18h00.


Between Livingstone and Lusaka semi luxury coaches run both ways every day 6 times a day from 5am until 15.30 They are fast and reliable and cost USD10 per person (approx.).

The journey time is 5.5 hours. Tickets can be bought the day before or at the time.

From Lusaka to Lilongwe buses depart every day, hourly.

From Windhoek to Vic Falls buses depart 2 times a week. There are no buses from Livingstone for this journey. To avoid paying the visa fee into Zimbabwe catch the bus from Kasane.


Trains run 3 times a week from Livingstone to Lusaka and return. Fares are very reasonable.  Seat can be pre-booked at the station or on (01) 228023 (Lusaka) or (03) 321001 (Livingstone).

Trains run 3 times a week from Kapiri Mposhi to Dar es Salaam.

Trains from Vic Falls to Bulawayo depart at 6.30pm. From Bulawayo to Vic Falls at 7.00pm.

Immigration Letter

A tourist should be exempt from purchasing a visa when entering Zambia. To prove that the client is a bona fide tourist they must have a letter from the tour operator with whom the tourist is booking to say that the tourist is on a prepaid holiday. This letter should state clearly the names of the tourists, passport number, nationality and the country from which they are travelling.  Attached to this should be a full itinerary.  This letter is no guarantee that Immigration will waiver the visa fee and guests should be prepared to pay for visas if required.


If clients are entering and leaving Zambia through Victoria Falls or Botswana for the day, a re-entry visa must be obtained together with a visa for the country they will be visiting.

Australian and New Zealand passport holders are not required to have a visa for Zambia. If necessary, visas can be purchased upon arrival. Please have correct money in $5 and $10 notes. 

Rates: British Passport Rest of the World
single GBP 35 / USD 60 USD 25
double GBP 45 / USD 75  
multi   USD 45

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