Northern Province

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Remote & Undiscovered
Northern Zambia is a beautiful, remote wilderness. Free from the clutter of mass tourism, empty roads stretch through miles of indigenous forest, past granite mountains and crystal clear waterfalls.
The area is steeped in modern and ancient history: from the refined majesty of Shiwa House and the imprint of Livingstone’s last footsteps, to the mystical brush strokes of stone-age rock paintings and the rural life of modern day villagers.
Search the papyrus swamps for the strange, prehistoric Shoebill stork beside thousands of black lechwe. Ride beautiful horses and sink weary muscles into therapeutic hot springs, once reserved for favoured guests. Breathe magnificent sunsets and be consumed by the immensity of ethereal sky.

Accommodation – only Shiwa House, Kapishya Hot Springs, Kasanka/Bangweulu and Mutinondo.


  • Culture, Scenery & Wildlife
  • Rare Shoebill Stork
  • Bat spectacle a million strong
  • Evocative history of Shiwa House & Dr. David Livingstone


  • Shiwa House & North Luangwa
  • Kasanka, Shiwa House & South Luangwa
  • Victoria Falls, South Luangwa & Shiwa House
  • Kasanka, Bangweulu, Mutinondo Wilderness & Kapishya Hotsprings

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