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Voyagers® was founded in 1987

by Marion and her husband Howard Gatchell. Marion was a highly successful Travel Consultant and Manager with over a decade of experience in the Zambian Travel industry at this stage having worked for TG Travel, Steve Blagus and Bonar Travel. In fact Marion’s travel roots go further back to when her father and Howard’s father George Jerrard and Doug Gatchell started an Airline based in Ndola called Zamair which ran 13 aircraft across Zambia. This platform served as a catalyst for Marion in the form of a Round the World ticket when she was 21, igniting a lifelong passion for travel and discovery that found expression in Voyagers.

Voyagers® quickly expanded beyond its Ndola base and moved from being a ticketing agency to include incoming tours and holidays. Operating offices now include Chingola, Lusaka, Kitwe and Livingstone.

Voyagers® started to offer incoming Tours late in the 1980’s becoming one of the first Zambian firms to visit the World Travel Market in London and working with many of the Safari Industry startups of the time including Norman Carr Safaris, Tongabezi and Robin Pope Safaris.

In 1995 Voyagers® Rentals was started with a single car to provide Car Hire services. Voyagers® Rentals has grown steadily since then and now offers a wide range of vehicles and locations throughout Zambia. Voyagers® Rentals held for many years the franchise for Imperial in Zambia before becoming the Europcar Franchisee for Zambia.

As Voyagers® has grown it has remained close to its family routes and values, we have an extremely low rate of staff turnover and pride ourselves on the long term relationships that we have built with clients, suppliers, staff and the communities in which we operate in. We are proud of our Zambian heritage and our contribution to the Tourism industry and the country as a whole.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is extensive though quietly undertaken, we assist with sports in schools, education sponsorship, professional development and environmental programs. Howard Gatchell FCA is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has extensive business experience in Zambia and the region, in the early seventies Howard ran several businesses before selling them and joining Lonrho a London based Plc. Whilst at Lonrho Howard ran Teal Record Company, Vitratex Paints Ltd before heading up the Lonrho Brewing Division which included National Breweries and Northern Breweries in Zambia and Chibuku Products in Malawi. In 1998 after selling the Brewing Division to South African Breweries Howard joined Voyagers® in 2002 initially working mainly in the Car Rental side of the business Grant’s remit now includes elements of Strategy, Marketing, IT and General Management.

Voyagers® group comprises of 190 employees and is one of Zambia’s leading firms. We are proud of our reputation for our integrity, honesty and high standards.

The Future:

Voyagers® is constantly embarking on exciting new programs. We continually upgrade our software and customer service infrastructure to improve client information access and dramatically improve the technology that facilitates communication between ourselves and our valued clients – not just on the Travel segment but extending to Accounting Interfaces, detailed reporting and expenditure advice.

Our destination Management team are building up and extending their operations into new market segments that will support those organizing Conferences and Events in Zambia. Our new Luxury Coach fleet will bring a new level of integrated service to Zambia.

A new Website is in the process of being rolled and out with new levels of functionality and much higher quality information. Watch this space for some exciting new innovations on this front!

Voyagers® Promise: We will continue to put our clients first, bringing you the best that Zambia and the rest of the world offers at the best prices and with as many options as you need.

Voyagers® and our place in the Zambian Tourism Industry;

Voyagers® is in many ways a unique Zambian company – we are not tied to any one lodge or camp – we are independent travel advisor and we are proud of our professionalism. We aim to make the whole of the Zambian Tourist experience open to our clients tailoring our products to maximize value and experience for our clients. We are also from all over Zambia – our team members come from across Zambia, with offices in Livingstone, Lusaka, Ndola, Chingola and Kitwe we have the widest geographical foot print of any travel company in Zambia. A new office will be opening shortly in Solwezi. All of this gives us the perspective to offer the best of Zambia with an unbiased standpoint. Whilst we are independent of any other property or company we have been a key player in the development of the Zambian tourism scene working closely with every major provider of accommodation and activities in the country. We are proud of our association with other service providers and our consistent support of the Government’s efforts to develop the industry.

As a major investor in Zambia we have long been a cheerleader and advocate for the companies we work with and have tried to work with many of them to improve the product as a whole.

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